Biography of Anna Eliza Homer

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Anna Eliza Homer

Anna Eliza Homer was born in Illinois in 1843. Anna assisted her mother in caring for a hotel and store in Cressent City, Ohio, where they catered to missionaries, immigrants and Indians. She came across the plains in 1858 at the age of fifteen, walking and driving an ox team. Her father was captain of the company.

Anna met Willis Lemmon in Salt Lake, and on 1 Nov 1859 there was a triple wedding in the Endowment House, where she and Willis were married; also her sister Nancy and Martin Harris Jr.; and their friends Stephen White and Agnes McGregor were married.

The next spring the two sisters and their husbands settled in Smithfield, Utah and built a log house. Soon after this both husbands were asked to go back east to help with some immigrant trains, which took six months. During this time there was a lot of Indian trouble, but Anna and Nancy were great company for each other. They had their babies together and cared for each other in sickness. When Nancy moved to Clarkston, Anna missed her very much.

Anna raised a large garden, dried and canned the produce, milked cows, churned butter, sewed and carded wool, and was a faithful member of the Church. She died in Smithfield in 1911, her husband the year before in 1910.

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