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Sunday evening, at about 7 o'clock, Elder Francis Gunnell, late of Wellsville, died suddenly. Deceased had fully recovered from a severe spell of sickness. Sunday morning he desired his son F. C. Gunnell, to hitch up a team and drive him and wife around to some friends, and also to visit the new mill, all of which he did; the deceased ascending the stairway to the top of the mill without any help or complaint. Immediately after supper he asked for a drink of water, and on getting it, he leaned back and seem to choke or snore. He was assisted into be, and passed away in about thirty minutes from the first attack.

At a coroner's jury inquest held, this 21st day of Oct., 1889, they rendered a verdict of death from heart disease.

The corpse will go to Wellsville today, Mrs. Esther Gunnell, his wife, and Francis C. Gunnell, his son, accompanying the remains. The deceased had lived a life of usefulness; was well respected and leaves a numerous family to mourn his loss.

The funeral services over the remains of the late Francis Gunnell will be held at Wellsville this morning at 10 o'clock.

The Utah Journal. Wednesday October 23, 1883, p. 1.

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