Biography of Sarah Helen Conrad

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Biography of Sarah Heller Conrad Bunnell

Sallie Heller Conrad Bunnell was born Sept. 19, 1810 in Elmira, New York. She married David Edwin Bunnell April 15, 1830 in Elmira, New York. He was the son of Ithamar and Phebe Bunnell and was born June 25, 1809 in Newark, Essex county, New Jersey. Their children were-1-Daniel Kimball-married-1st-Abigal Miller (Martin)-2nd, married Mary Muir (Hughs) 2- Stephen Ithamar-married Percia Cronelia Crover. 3-Samuel Gardner-md-Ellen K. Zabriskie. 4-George Henry-md-Margarette Selzer. 5-Phoebe Eliza md-Joseph Cluff. 6-Mary Armstrong-md. Sidney T. Worsley. 7-Afgared-md-Lorin S. Glazier. 8-Rosetta -md-Vernie Lorenzo Halliday.

Sallie and her husband, David Edwin Bunnell became converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1840, while living in Borwnstown, Wayne County, Michigan. Eventually they moved to Nauvoo, Illinois where David assisted in the erection of the Nauvoo Temple. Here they received their endowments.

When the Prophet Joseph Smith was martyred it effected this family greatly as it did all the other saints. They were persecuted with the rest and were forced to abandon their homes and move to Iowa for safety. Her family struggled to get means to join the Saints in the Rocky Mountains. They were able to accomplish their desire in 1852. In June of that year they left Kanesville, Iowa for their long trek across the Plains. Abigal's husband David was made Captain over 16 families in the James C. Snow company. They arrived in the Valley of the Great Salt Lake October 9, 1852. They settled in Provo, Utah County.

They secured a choice location for their home. It was where the Post Office now stands. In fact they owned the entire square block. Mrs., stated in the history she wrote of her grandfather, David Kimball Bunnell, that her Great Grandmother Abigal, who was a staunch and true member to the L.D.S. Church, would be very hurt if she knew that the Seven Day Adventist church and the Community church were last built on her lot.

Abigal was a resourceful, hard-working woman and helped her husband in every way to accumulate something of this world's goods. Her husband was a carpenter and a cabinet maker by trade and assisted in erecting many of the early buildings in Provo.

She grieved the passing of her dear companion July 3, 1865, who was just 56 years of age. She lived on, being lovingly cared for by her family until July 1903 where she died at the home in Provo at the ripe old age of 93.

Information on Sarah Heller Conrad's Life

By Oliver B. Huntington

Sunday, June 13, 1897-I conversed with one old lady eighty-eight years old who lived with David Whitmer when Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery were translating the Book of Mormon in the upper room of the house, and she, only a girl, saw them come down from [the] translating room several times when they looked so exceedingly white and strange that she inquired of Mrs. Whitmer the cause of their unusual appearance, but Mr. Whitmer was unwilling to tell the hired girl the true cause, as it was a sacred, holy event connected with a holy, sacred work which was opposed and persecuted by nearly everyone who heard of it.

The girl felt so strangely at seeing so strange and unusual appearance, she finally told Mrs. Whitmer that she would not stay with her until she knew the cause of the strange looks of these men.

Sister Whitmer then told her what the men were doing in the room above and that the power of God was so great in the room that they could hardly endure it; at times angels were in the room in their glory, which nearly consumed them.

This satisfied the girl and opened the way to embracing the gospel.

Note: The "hired girl" here referred to was Sally Heller Conrad, who later became the wife of David Edwin Bunnell, and the mother of Stephen Ithamar Bunnell, "an active elder of the Lake View Ward, Utah County, [who] was born Feb. 1, 1834, in Detroit, Michigan" (Andrew Jenson, 1971, 2:600). Stephen Bunnell died in Provo, Utah, on 23 July 1925 (Susan Easton Black, Membership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 1830-1848, BYU Religious Studies Center). Sally was born 19 September 1810 in Elmira, Tioga County, New York (LDS Family Search: Ancestral File), and thus would have been about 181/2 years of age when working in the Whitmer home, for Joseph and Oliver arrived there about 1 June 1829 and stayed until the translation was completed 1 July 1829 (Conkling, 1979, p. 12); she would have been almost eighty-seven in June 1897, when Huntington recorded this memory. She died 23 July 1903 in Provo, Utah.

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