Biography of Llewellyn Jones

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Llewellyn Jones

Llewellyn's father was a merchant, a grocer, a baker, and was in the coal mining business. He was financially successful. When the missionaries brought the family the gospel, they accepted it with joy. Llewellyn's mother died in 1854 and his father married his mother's sister in 1856 . They decided to emigrate to America following their marriage. The family reached Salt Lake a few days before Christmas and remained there until spring when Elias bought a place in Little Cottonwood. Leaving his family there, Elias went to Spanish Fork where his family soon joined him. He bought them a home there and then engaged in the mercantile business and farming. Llewellyn helped his father until he was 19 and then he became active in the Indian Wars. Llewellyn's early married life found him freighting in the intermountain area, particularly in the early mining camps. After the railroad came, he turned to farming and stock. He was one of the first men to join the Republican party. He gave financial help to those in need. He was a quiet, gentle man. He worked in the church and community wherever called or needed.

Conquerors of the West

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