A Short History of Sarah Annie Clark

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Sarah Ann Clark (Hale)

Sarah was born in England, 1842. She and her older sister were baptized as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on August 17, 1852.

In 1853, the family moved to Barking, Essex, England. In 1861, it was decided that Sarah, Elizabeth, and Rebecca would emigrate first. Early in April, the girls left on the clipper ship, "Underwriter." They arrived in New York then went to Florence, Nebraska, by train.

They were assigned to a wagon train leaving on July 7, 1861. the girls heard the wagon train behind them was having a dance. After walking for sometime, they reached the camp and danced all night, arriving back at their camp in time to leave the next morning. Later they learned it was eight miles each way. They always said it was worth it.

They arrived in Salt Lake Friday, September 13, 1861, after walking the entire way.

On Christmas eve Sarah married Alma, a widower with two children, in Grantsville, Utah. She raised these children as her own. After four months of marriage, Alma was called on a mission to Mississippi.

Sarah was very ill, she was blessed and soon got well. She sewed for her family and helped pay for the hired help by making them suits. She had one of the first sewing machines in Utah.

When Sarah's fourth child, Rachel, was four years old she had "Black Measles" and the high fever left her speechless and paralyzed from the waist down. She lived to be twenty years old.

On August 19, 1865, Alma took Sarah's sister, Ellen, as his second wife. Sarah was called to be Primary President on June 14, 1879, and three years later was called to be Stake Primary President. She held both positions until 1866. She was a member of the "Old Folks Committee" from its inception in 1884. In 1902, they moved to Logan, Utah. The house was so big she rented rooms to students.

Sarah died at seventy-six and is buried in the Smithfield Cemetery.

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