Biography of Amanda Melvina Hammond

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Amanda Melvina Hammond Burgess

Amanda and her mother were members of the LDS Church when her father died. After his death, her mother married a Mr. Hawkins who was very much against the Church. This made their attendance to church and the temple very difficult.

Amanda's mother was crying in the temple one day, when Harrison Burgess' first wife asked if she could help. Amanda's mother told her how sad she was because of her own situation, but also because of Amanda's strong desire to go to Zion. Harrison's first wife, Sophia Burgess, talked with her husband about it, They were both temple workers and it was decided he would take Amanda as a second wife and take her out West.

Amanda and Harrison were married in the Nauvoo temple, but she went back home to her parent's home until Harrison was all prepared to travel west. Then he stopped by the house, picked her up, and Harrison and his two wives were on their way to Winter Quarters.

They worked and put in crops to obtain the necessary provisions for crossing the Plains and mountains. In 1848, Harrison received a call for a mission to England. He prepared everything tin his power to make his wives as comfortable and convenient as he could for their expedition.

The women crossed the Plains in the Brigham Young Wagon Company and arrived in Salt Lake Valley, 21 Sep, 1848. They worked to provide for themselves the best they could until his three year mission was completed and he returned home to them.

By 1861, Amanda and Harrison had seven children. They went to Parleys Park, Summit County, where he kept a dairy and built a saw mill. Two years later, he was appointed to take his family to Southern Utah to build up St. George and surrounding settlements, and to build a mill in Pine Valley to supply lumber for building purposes. They lived in Pine Valley twenty years. They were blessed and prospered in their family and labours.

The Pine Valley relief Society was organized in 1869. On 1 Apr, 1874, bishop William Snow called Amanda Burgess as a counselor to President Dirrinda M. Slade.

The Relief Society gave money to help the St. George Temple and the St. George Stake Academy. They helped fix up the Pine Valley meeting house. They had one of the largest wheat funds in the Church because of the hard work the women did gleaning and contributing the wheat to be used. They gathered wheat, made rugs, carpets, quilts, and stockings. The sick were taken care of, visited, and comforted. The dead were prepared and clothed for burial.

She died of cancer on 8 Aug, 1882.

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