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Louisa "Lucy" Eastham Millward

Submitted to the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers

Louisa "Lucy" Eastham was born 6 Dec 1841 in England. Her parents were John Eastham and Jane Huntington Eastham.

Lucy's father was a railroad man and owned a large furniture store. When her dad was away, she helped her mother and sisters in the store.

Lucy met Andrew Vickers Millward when he heard the Mormons singing at a church meeting, he went to investigate and soon was baptized. Later, Andrew's mother, brother, and sisters were baptized. Lucy and Andrew fell in love and soon, they with Lucy's sister, Emma, and James Ratcliffe went everywhere together.

Lucy and Andrew Millward married 15 Apr 1852 in Leeds, England.

Emma and James Ratcliffe were married the year before, 1851.

On 20 Apr 1852, both couples and several others sailed from Liverpool on the John J. Boyd. They arrived in New York 1 June 1862. The Civil War was raging and they had to go into Canada by Niagara Falls. The army had control of the railroads. The Saints had to lie down in boxcars while they were traveling so that they would not be seen by the two fighting sides.

They traveled to St. Joseph, Missouri by boxcar; they had to travel only in daylight. Evidence of the war was everywhere. The Elders had a council and concluded that the immigrants were not safe. That evening, they left by steamboat, The Eagle; they set sail about 7:30, up the Missouri about 15 miles, anchored the boat and stayed all night. They went back and started their journey to Florence (Winter Quarters) Nebraska.

Six weeks of preparation and they left Florence, July 28. Fifty-two wagons headed by James S. Brown. They arrived in Salt Lake City, 2 Oct 1862. They spent two days in Salt Lake City and then on to Grantsville, Tooele, Utah.

Andrew Millward organized a choir that continued unbroken service for 50 years. He played in the town brass band. The wives of the band members took turns preparing a huge breakfast.

Louisa and Andrew had a large garden.

Lucy and Andrew were the parents of twelve children:
Jane Millward, married Robinson
Nora Millward, married Rytting
Emily Millward, died in infancy
Nettie Millward, married Young
Grace Millward, married Frome
George Millward
Joseph E. Millward
Hyrum R. Millward
Roger Millward
Lyle Millward
Son, died in infancy
Alice Millward

When their last child was six years old, Lucy had her teeth extracted and got blood poisoning. She died 19 Jan 1893 in Grantsville, Tooele, Utah.

Andrew never remarried.

Andrew Millward died 14 Feb 1925.

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